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Site Updates!

This is where you can track my plans or expectations for the website.  Periodically look here to see what has changed on the site.


1) Added a gray frame to all of the pictures

2) Corrected typos, grammar, and moved Canyoneering Books and Beta (Modules 37 & 38) to "Canyoneering Resources" for better consolidation


1) Added more to the Canyoneering Resources page.

2) Added better photos to the Canyoneering Gear and Protection pages

To Do: 1) *still* need to take quality pics and videos of canyoneering knots.

            2) re-read every page and fix all of my typographical and grammar issues...

            3) waiting on a Meterologist to give me his slot canyon weather article.  This will be great! 



1) Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, I have spent the last couple of days adding a lot more pictures to the Basics Modules.

2) Next up is to add better pictures to the Canyoneering Knots Modules.


1) Made the website live on the web.  Even though its roughly 1/3 finished, I wanted to get it out there officially and let people be aware.

2) Added more content to the "Learning - The Basics" sections.

3) I plan on taking more professional pictures of my canyoneering gear, along with the knots.  My goal for this next week (Feb 17 - 23) is to have all of the Canyoneering Knots section finished.  The other goal with that is to tie them on video and upload them to the YouTube channel.


1) officially transferred in my name and established.

2) Added much more content do all of the Sections.

3) Continuing to work on the "Beta List".  This will significantly take some time to develop.

4) Added the as a point of email contact to me.  Send all email correspondence there please!

To work on: High-res pictures of canyoneering gear.

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