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Overhand Knot

The Overhand knot is a building-block knot for other canyoneering knots.  Think of this as learning your ABCs.  This will teach you the letters of the language, but you don't know what words to use.  Likewise, in some form or another, it helps build the important Water Knot, the EDK, and Double-Fisherman Bend, which is used in canyoneering extensively.  

This is one of the simplest and easiest knots to tie.

You take the working end of the rope, create a loop, and put the end of the rope through the bottom of the loop to the top and pull tightly on both ends of the knot (also called "dressing the knot").  That's it!


  • Easy to remember

  • Easy to tie

  • Is the foundation block for other canyoneering knots and bends.



  • Do NOT rappel on just an overhand knot.

Canyoneering Usage Examples:

  • Tie webbing together

  • Use a part of it to build other knots sch as the Water Knot, EDK, Double-Fisherman Bend.

Additional Reading:

Below, I show you three ways on how to tie the knot, via:

1) Pictures

2) GIF (animated picture that repeats itself with no-end)

3) Video (from Canyoneering101 YouTube Channel)

How to tie (pictures):

1st Step:


2nd Step:


3rd Step:


4th Step:


How to tie (GIF):

Under Construction!

How to tie (YouTube vid):

Under Construction!

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