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Munter Hitch

The "Munter Hitch" is another essential knot to know as it can provide a way to rappel down a rope in the event you lose or drop your "rappel device".  Example: You are unhooking your descender device from the previous rappel and drop it in a pool of water and it's too muddy to find it; or you when you are connecting to the rope, your descender falls off the cliff.  How will you continue through the canyon now?  If there aren't any more rappels, you are lucky. How will you rappel? Enter the Munter Hitch.)

IMPORTANT NOTE - the Munter Hitch should never be used a primary way of rappelling.  It puts incredible force and wear and tear on the rope. Some claim that it destroys the rope with extended usage.  This is to be used essentially for emergencies, only.  Losing your descender device in a slot canyon is more common than one might think.  (I have lost one in pothole and another off a cliff while connecting into the rope.)

This is an easy knot to tie and is just a slight variation from the clove hitch.  But instead of putting the loop on top of the other loop in order to make the clove-hitch, you just put the two loops face-to-face and have the carabiner got through both loops.  That's it.


  • Easy to tie/untie

  • Easy to remember

  • Provides a way to rappel when there is no descender/rappel device


  • If not paying close attention, it can get confused with the Clove Hitch.

  • Damages and kinks the rope.


  • If not paying attention, it can get confused with the Clove Hitch.

  • To be used ONLY for emergencies. 

Canyoneering Usage Examples:

  • If your rappel device gets lost or drops into a pothole that you can't retrieve, this allows you to rappel on the rope, by using the rope on itself.

Additional Reading:

Below, I show you three ways on how to tie the knot, via:

1) Pictures

2) GIF (animated picture that repeats itself with no-end)

3) Video (from Canyoneering101 YouTube Channel)

How to tie (pictures):

1st Step:


2nd Step:


3rd Step:


4th Step:


5th Step:


How to tie (GIF):

How to tie (YouTube vid):

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