Figure 8 Knot -

On a bight

The Figure 8 Knot - On a bight, is used in Canyoneering primarily for creating a "load carrying" loop.  It is a safe knot to rappel on, to tie yourself into an anchor point, and to lower or raise people and gear.

To tie, simply make a bight on the rope followed by tieing a Figure 8 knot.


  • You can tie this on ANY part of the rope, not just end.



  • It is recommended to tie an overhand knot below the Figure 8 on a bight when rappelling from it.

Canyoneering Usage Examples:

Additional Reading:

Below, I show you three ways on how to tie the knot, via:

1) Pictures

2) GIF (animated picture that repeats itself with no-end)

3) Video (from Canyoneering101 YouTube Channel)

How to tie (pictures):

1st Step:

2nd Step:

3rd Step:

4th Step:

5th Step:

6th Step:

How to tie (GIF):

How to tie (YouTube vid):

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