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Farmington Crag

(Farmington, Utah)

This area is decent for teaching beginners about the basics of rappelling.  You have numerous bolts to choose from with varying heights.  From the normal/traditional trailhead, it takes anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to reach it.  You can close to 1000 feet in elevation in a short amount of time.  If you are with a fit, experienced crew you may be able to reach it in 30 minutes (and that's with no breaks).  Any larger group carrying big backpacks in the heat of summer and you'll take an hour, easy.

Once you are done with a rappel at the crag, you scramble back to the top fairly easy in maybe 2-3 minutes. Thus, doing multiple rappels is great here.

Farmington Crag Rock.JPG

Also known as:  "Anchor Rock" and "Tracey's Tower"

(Normal) Trailhead:  363 East 100 South, Farmington, Utah 84025.

GPS Coordinates

1) Parking Lot:  N40° 58.936', W111° 52.783'

2) Trailhead:  N40° 58.924', W111° 52.769'

3) Bonneville Shoreline Road:  N40° 58.923', W111° 52.594'

4) wooden bench:  N40° 58.855', W111° 52.370'

5) Farmington Crag:  N40° 58.829', W111° 52.290'


Distance: 0.90 miles one-way from the "normal trailhead".

Elevation +Gain/-Loss: +975 feet

Bathrooms at Trailhead: None. Can use the nearby gas stations in town before heading up.

Parking Lot Elevation: 4450 feet

Drinking water at Trailhead: None. Bring minimum 1 liter of water. 2 liters is ideal, especially in warmer temps!

Best Season: Spring, Fall, Winter. (Summer is hot, but doable provided you bring 

Fees: None

Dogs:Allowed. But, please bring water for them, provide shade and doggy bags. In my opinion, not worth it.

Sun Exposure: 99% sun. There are some trees along the trail that you can rest under, but that's about it.

Nearby attractionsPatsy's Mine (1/2 mile away) & Flag Rock (1 mile away). Visit 


The Parking lot is a gravel lot located on the North side of the street in a residential area.  The trail starts south-east of the parking lot located next to the "Residences at Farmington Hills" sign.

This is the same trailhead that is used for Patsy's Mine or Flag Rock.  

Approach Information:

Driving Directions.JPG

This what it looks like when you turn off from Main Street onto 100 North.

parking lot.JPG

Gravel parking lot.


Located 40 feet away from the parking lot is where the trail starts.

The sign reads: "Residences at Farmington Hills"


Mostly steep! You gain about 500 feet in a 1/2 mile until you hit the B.S.T.


As you near the B.S.T. the trail flattens out, a little.


Eventually, you will arrive at the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST).  (Actually, it's a rough dirt road here)

The trail continues you on through the trees, as seen above.  This is a good area to drink some water and get some shade.  Next, is the "upper half" of the trail.


Follow the clearly defined trail up this for about 0.30 miles.  There are rock cairns to guide you. Don't make any turns when other trails joins the path.  They are not shortcuts.


Once you reach this wooden bench, you are nearly there! Maybe 100 yards more to go.  The red arrow up on top is the crag location, and while it is tempting to go on the trail right behind the bench - don't do it! There is a lot of bush-whacking through scrub oak there.  A defined path, while not easier in elevation is located 20 feet to the south of the bench. THEN, head up to the crag.


The rock that is highlighted in the picture is a small cairn.  Look for these as they mark the best path up.


Finally! You made it!  Nearly 1000 feet higher and a mile later.

Route Information:  

Climb up the steep gully of the rock-face on the East side.  Once on top, you will have about 4 - 5 rappelling options.

All anchors are drilled with two hanging anchors with a rappel ring on the chains.

YouTube video:

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