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If there are any errors, incorrect information, some important thing I have overlooked, or even just a general "Hi! I'm excited to learn about Canyoneering" emails; please send them all to me! This is my labor of love and want to sure what I know with others who have the same passion and respect for these slot canyons.

If you are a vendor and want to get a hold me for commercial, or sponsor, or advertising purposes please reach me at the same email below.

This page is a work in progress and will continue to grow and adapt as I invest more time and money into it.  While the content is free and I'm happy to share what I have, the reality is that it takes money to create.  There is no obligation, of course, but will graciously be thankful for any amount.


I am happy to provide this in order to educate the general populous in what is involved with all things Canyoneering and to keep people safe.

If you get to know me better and stick around, I may even share a few canyoneering and hiking secrets that very, very few people know about.


-Brett Johnson

If you'd like to use the built-in message below use that too.  Of course, if it gets abused, it will be removed.

Thanks for submitting!

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