Canyoneering Knots

The knots found on are not an exhaustive list of knots using in Canyoneering. 


Rather, they are the most common and essential of all the knots to know.  Especially, as you are on your new adventure of learning and exploring in this new sport!

Always, the most important thing while Canyoneering is - Safety! You NEED to come back alive to live another day and to explore more beautiful canyons and to become a canyon advocate.

Here are the ones that you will find on this website.  I may add more, but due to the scope of my intended use of the website, it is not to provide an exhaustive or completed list.

Essential Canyonering Knots:

You will find these on the Menu, under "Canyoneering Knots".  Each of them deserve their own page.

They contain step-by-step pictures on how to tie them, a video narration, and a .GIF format so that you don't have to keep pressing stop and play as you go along.

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