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"Leave No Trace"

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"Leave No Trace" is an ethos found in the hiking/camping/backpacking world where you leave the place that you adventured to better than you found it.

That means leaving absolutely no trash, using bathrooms where available and digging holes for #2 business, not spray-painting, or vandalizing a slot canyon or even a tree. (You would think that would go without saying!)

Also, Leave No Trace means NOT building excessive cairns on canyon routes or trails. One or two is okay to leave in strategic areas to help others; but even with that, try not to leave any. 


We all want to experience the slot canyon as if it was the first time being descended.  Nothing ruins that experience more except when people get injured, or when you find trash, vandalism, and even excessive cairns.

Some people get outraged when they learn that building excessive cairns is forbidden.  One, it's built on land that's not yours.  Two, you are moving rocks from a lot of different places and disturbing natural habitats of small animals.  Three, and in my opinion, it looks ugly and unsightly and only encourages more and more cairns to be built!  If you see an excessive amount in your travels, please dismantle them and help keep the area as "pristine" as we can.

The website in the logo above is dedicated to preserving wild spaces by following L.N.T..  Leave No Trace.  Please visit them above for more information in following this ethos through canyons.

"Take...Only Pictures."

"Leave...Only Footprints."

"Keep Nothing...But Memories"

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Image Credit: Brett Johnson (C)
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