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Everything you read here contains accurate and precise information when it comes to the sport of Canyoneering. While this website may educate you in the "general knowledge" of Canyoneering, it is in no-way the absolute authority on the matter.

In other words, what you read here should be taken with the utmost caution for safety along with common sense.  Professional instruction and hands-on is always preferred, rather than reading text online in order for you to be safe. You should not be complacent with your (and others) physical safety and assume that canyons will be safe for you to enter.  They are not.  Flash floods can happen any time and without warning, people in your party may twist an ankle and you are unable to call for help, anchors that were mentioned in beta previously are not there currently and problem-solving and having the right equipment are in order.  You may be hours and hours away from rescue, let alone having cell-phone coverage.  Canyons are void of cell-coverage.

Additionally, this website, amongst others, should NOT be your end-all.  The purpose of the website to help you understand what can be involved with canyoneering. and its owner cannot be held liable for your actions.  By USING/VIEWING this website, YOU AGREE and you acknowledge that you indemnify, and its owner Brett Johnson, for any bodily injury or fatality due to any mistakes or errors that originate from the information that is contained here.

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