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The sport of canyoneering requires extensive knowledge and expertise to navigate the terrain and overcome any potential obstacles. While this website can provide you with general knowledge and information about canyoneering, it is important to note that it is not the ultimate authority on the matter. Therefore, it is essential to exercise caution and common sense when exploring the canyons, as they can be extremely dangerous!

As a responsible canyoneer, you should never rely solely on information you read online, including this website. While the information provided here is accurate and precise, nothing beats professional instruction and hands-on experience. It is important to understand that the safety of yourself and others should be of utmost concern, and you should never take unnecessary risks when exploring the canyons.

Additionally, canyons are unpredictable and can be hazardous, even for the most experienced canyoneers. Factors such as flash floods, unexpected injuries, and changes in anchor points can pose significant challenges. Therefore, it is essential to have the right equipment and problem-solving skills to overcome any challenges you may face. At best, you may find yourself hours away from rescue or without cell-phone coverage, making it even more important to exercise caution and safety at all times.

Finally, it is crucial to remember that this website, like many others, should not be your only source of information. The purpose of this website is to help you understand what can be involved with canyoneering, but it is not a substitute for hands-on experience or professional instruction. and its owner, Brett Johnson, cannot be held liable for any bodily injury or fatality due to any mistakes or errors that originate from the information contained here. Therefore, it is important to exercise caution, safety, and common sense when exploring the canyons, and to never take unnecessary risks that could put yourself or others in danger.

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