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Section 36

What is   It is a simple to use website that allows registered users (free) to post "conditions" on known Canyoneering routes.  The name is a combination of the word "Canyons" and "Conditions".

There are a few other websites that list condition reports, but they are not as easily accessible either on a phone or PC (IE while good, severely lacks in this context).

It's not a place to post a 10-page trip report with pictures and videos, but rather please post a few sentences or a synopsis of your trip.

Please include:

  • How many were in your group

  • How long it took you

  • Anchor conditions

  • New obstacles you encountered?

  • Anything else of special interest that the public should know about?

This is what the Homepage looks like.  It's organized by geographical area.  To post a "New Candition", you will first need to register. It's free, no advertisements, no anything. Just a way to prevent spammers along with associating a name to that candition.

Candition Homepage.jpg
Image Credit: Brett Johnson (C)

Once you are registered, you can then post a candition to whatever Canyon you did.  Just find that appropriate canyon name, then click on the "New Candition" button at the top.

The rating indicator is subjective and for now it's how you would rate the canyon.  It was created as a trending feature so that we can get an idea of what canyons have a community rated average.  We will gain anything useful from it?  Who knows.  The website still has a ways to go. New ideas are forming, but the emphasis to stick with a very easy layout to post conditions of the canyons and not get laid down with unnecessary things.  We'll see.

Candition-How To.JPG
Image Credit: Brett Johnson (C)

Here are some *good* examples of Candition reports. Not too long, not too short, just right; and it contains the pertinent information.


This is NOT to replace Beta, but rather to inform you of the most recently posted conditions.  They may be a week old?  Others are months and years old!  It's crowd-sourced so it's only as good as the people who contribute to it.

In my humble opinion, tt would be great to have the community use it to to provide better trending statistics and keep newcomers and veterans informed of any changing conditions.

And if all this information out there is upsetting or "ruins" the experience for you, then please don't use it.  You are free to go in blind into a canyon (as some prefer it that way actually).

Thank you!

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