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A Word of Caution

Section 3

There is a lot of information out there found online (including this website) and in print.  Please be objective in what you read (including this website).  Being objective is a great ideal to strive for in canyoneering (along with general decisions in your life).  It allows you to think of alternate ideas, or ways to overcome obstacles that you may face in the canyon.  In addition, it can prevent you from automatically trusting the webbing and rope that was previously left there.  It will also prevent you from just blinding trusting someone's rigging that they just tied for the anchor point.

While a fact can be a fact, look for when opinions are shared and know the difference. Take what you read (and hear) of those opinions or stories with a grain of salt. 


It's perfectly okay to ask questions, speak up when something appears off or wrong, and even disagree with something (provided you can backup your claim).

If something appears to be "off" to you and you can't quite explain - speak up!  I've asked a few times in my early canyoneering years to group leaders, "...reassure me that what you tied is safe and will work!..."


Because when you are miles away from cell-phone coverage or another person, your group is all that you have.  You HAVE to figure it out how to overcome the obstacle.  It could be life-threatening!  It may just be a delay in your time schedule. But it's all up to you and your group on HOW to return home safely.

"Proceed at your Own Risk", indeed.

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