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Rope Terminology

Section 24

When you are talking about knots or ropes, it's important to use it's specific terminology and venacular.  "Great, another language to memorize?!"  Actually, its not too difficult.  In the coming weeks, I will have a detailed page of everything there is about ropes and knots.



"Dressing a knot"





"mm":  this means millimeter in size.  You will see it next to 6 or 8 or 9 rope sizes.  A 9mm rope is millimeters in width.  The bigger the number, the more wide/thick the rope is.

Core shot:

(show picture of core shot, "fuzzing", bight, bend, "dressing a knot vs non-dressing a knot", different types of hitches, loops, tail, and different sizes of ropes.

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