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Your Safety!

I will state this again and again throughout this website -

There are three canyoneering rules:

  1. Your Safety! (along with everyone else)

  2. Have an awesome time!

  3. The rules are followed in that EXACT order!

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Please read through the site to see what Canyoneering Gear is absolutely essentially and how they can keep you safe.  And developing the appropriate canyoneering skills will also aid in everyone's safety.

If you are going on your first canyoneering adventure, please go with someone who has experience!  Don't go by yourself.  Usually, even seasoned canyoneers do not encourage or go on solo-canyoneering adventures.  

Along with your safety, watching the weather is also a crucial part of the canyoneering world.  Think of literally, canyons being the "sewers" of the land when it rains.  The rain lands on the desert and wants to travel to the lowest section (which is known as the "watercourse") .  These canyons vary in sizes and depths, and all of that water goes somewhere.  That somewhere is where you will be hiking.

Image Credit: Brett Johnson (C)
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Here are just a few website links that reference these fatalities or accidents when weather was observed and ignored, or not enough planning was done to know the conditions before hand.

"I can't believe I survived; video of flash flood crashing down on canyoneers" from

"Kolob Canyon Disaster" from

"Flash Flood in the Black Hole" from

"Flash Flood in Little Wild Horse Canyon" from

"Special Report: The Keyhole 7" from

"Surviving a Flash Flood in a Slot Canyon" from

Image Credit: Brett Johnson (C)

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