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Internet vs. Professional Instruction

In my opinion, it is far better to receive Professional training versus Internet (which includes this website) for canyoneering know-how!

It can be nuanced, and having those explained is better by a professional than some random guy online (like me) explaining how to do it. While I try to explain the context of canyoneering, and explain things accurately, it doesn't forgo the necessity of hands-on training.  


That being said, what I explain here is to give you a foundation or essential knowledge so that you can be better trained or prepared for when you go Canyoneering for your first time.

If there are no outfitters or groups near you, I would suggest visiting online canyoneering forums and introduce yourself to the community and ask if you can tag along and "learn the ropes".

Sometimes there are meetup groups that will take beginners.  The American Canyoneering Association sometimes offer free "workshops" where the course leader will highlight a certain skill for that day, such as rappelling, or how to check your anchors, etc.  They post those workshops on their Facebook page.

Please be objective in what you learn, and when in doubt, ask a more experienced canyoneer about it, or ask the online canyoneering communities before blindly following.

Image Credit: Brett Johnson (C)

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